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Cloud Products & Services

Making the leap to managed or hybrid Cloud hosting and storage services, building a dedicated server infrastructure using the latest hardware or deciding for cost-effective Virtual machines (VM’s), is made easy with our breakdown for each option.

Multiple award-winning Fujitsu servers are our experts hardware of choice. View the video to learn why.

Bare-metal servers with the flexibility of private Cloud hosting

Dedicated Servers & Colocation

We will advise you which of our products of best-in-class Fujitsu servers with Xeon processors to meet your companies needs. We will stand up your server/s and provide colocation in a high performance HIPAA and SSAE 16 Type II compliant data center.

This is a fully managed service within as part of the quotation.

Move your IT needs to a flexible virtual server

Virtual Machines (VM)

Why manage an infrastructure of hardware when a set of Virtual Machines hosted on the Cloud can do the job of providing you with the perfectly tailored and flexible IT solution. No more budgets for updating expensive technology, nor maintenance or insurance premiums; thus freeing resources and time to run your business.

Fully managed services are an option we can provide.

Store your Data Archives on the Cloud

Cloud Data Storage

Within many businesses it is vital to comply with the data protection act and securely store e-documents for future audit as well as ensuring the date does not get corrupted. Patient health records, for example, are legal documents that health organizations must safe-guard and store for an indefinite amount of time.

Offering a fully managed service with 24/7 support, we store your data in multiple locations and in multiple formats, allowing for record retrieval, data analysis and reporting in a timely manner.


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